Hotel 'Pension Zum Römer'Pension Zum Römer

Why is our house called 'Pension Zum Römer'?

The name 'Pension Zum Römer' refers to the early historic settlement Lauriacum. In Lauriacum-Enns is a municipal civil settlement, which was created close to a Roman camp, with 30,000 inhabitants (currently about 12,000) and 6,500 Roman legionnaires.

The importance of the city has always been based on the location on a major river crossing on the Enns and on the Danube crossing at Mauthausen. Once (450 BC) it was Noricum - a Celtic deposit with a moat, which is still visible today. 15 BC, the kingdom of Noricum become a part of the Roman Empire.

The Roman settlement received the city law by the Emperor Caracalla, 212 AD. Because of the award of the city right by the Babenberger Leopold VI. 22 April 1212 the city of Enns is, before Vienna (1221), the oldest town in Austria.

Many historical findings from Lauricum can be seen in the museum of Enns. Also remarkable are our two churches: Basilica - St. Lawrence in Lorch with archaeological excavations and the parish church of Mary Snow with the High Gothic Wallseerkapelle and the cloister. Even the symbol of Enns - the city tower - built in 1564 - 1568 - with 176 steps is very popular.

The hotel 'Pension Zum Römer' is also an ideal starting point for an active leisure time. The hotel is situated on the Danube-Enns-Steyr-cycle way with the possibility to use the ferry to Mauthausen. A trip to the romantic road and the beautiful Upper Austria will make your holiday experience.